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How to Remove an Old Style Tub Drain and Replace It with Lift and Turn Stopper

Lift and turn stoppers are easy to install and easy to maintain. They are simpler than many old style tub drains.  All you have to do is lift and turn this kind of stopper to open the drain, and then turn it the opposite way to close the drain. The conversion process doesn’t have to be difficult. It can actually be fairly simple if you have the right guide.

If the current stopper in your lever-style tub no longer works due to damaged linkage or clogging, it’s time to replace it with a lift and turn stopper. The great thing about the latter is that it has no complicated linkage to clean. Almost all debris catches in the drain grate.

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Tools and Materials for DIY Project

In addition to the lift and turn stopper, you will also need Plumber’s putty and tools such as:

  • Four-in-one screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Pair of pliers
  • Hacksaw
  • Cold chisel
  • Old cloth

Removing Old Drain

tub-drainYou can begin taking out the old drain by unscrewing the overflow plate and pulling the upper linkage from the overflow pipe. The drain stopper must be popped out, and the lower linkage must be removed. When extracting both parts, hold and tug firmly. Don’t allow binding inside the overflow pipe. Once the linkage is removed, screw on the new overflow plate.

Look around the edge of the plug knob for a set screw. If there is one, loosen it with the flathead screwdriver. If there is no set screw on the knob, turn it counter clockwise for removal. The brass inserts beneath the knob should be exposed.

If anything proves to be difficult, it will be removing the body of the old stopper. If there are complications with unscrewing it, ,you can try heating it with a hair dryer on a high setting in order to loosen the old putty. You might also need to cut out the old stopper body with the reciprocating saw/metal blade. Just be careful not to damage the tub.

Installing New Lift and Turn Stopper

lift-turn-drainWhen installing the new stopper, begin by inserting the new gasket into the drain opening. Take the putty and roll out a thin rope, approximately the same thickness of a drinking straw. It should be long enough to wrap around the replacement drain body to insert the new flange. You can tighten the drain body with your hands by turning it clockwise.

If the new threads are different from the old, you will need to use the supplied bushing. Insert the ends of the plier handles into the opening of the replacement drain body. Use the screwdriver to twist the pliers and drain body clockwise until sufficiently tight. Use the

Use the supplied bushing if the new threads are different from the old. Screw the stopper into the stopper body and congratulate yourself on a job well done. Use the old rag to wipe the excess putty that oozes from beneath the drain.

While the entire conversion can be a DIY project, there could always be some kind of unforeseen complication. If you experience any, have helpful experts such as Waterman on speed dial.