I’ve had a higher than normal water bill. What could this mean?

If you’ve noticed an increase in your water bill, you may have a leak or a problem with your plumbing system. In the event of a leak, you may be unknowingly wasting water, which is resulting in an unusually high water bill. A sudden spike in your bill should alert you of a problem. Some questions you can ask yourself before you look elsewhere can include, “Has the number of residents in my home increased, or did I have any house guests lately??”, “Did I do any extra yard work, or pool repairs in the last billing cycle?”, “Was the outside hose left on accidentally?”, or “Have I done any repairs this month?” If no, you may have a leak.

Can my water meter help me figure this out?

If you have a water meter on your home, you will want to read how much water has been used recently; comparing this to your previous usage will tell you why your water bill is so high. One test you can do is to read the numbers on the meter; then let an hour or two pass without running any water. This includes your washing machine, dishwasher, and flushing of toilets. If you haven’t run any water yet the numbers on your meter change, you most likely have a leak, meaning that water is flowing even though you aren’t using any.

What is causing the excess water usage?

Even the tiniest leak can cause litres and litres of water waste over the course of a month. This leak could be anywhere, including your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, pool, or outdoor sewer lines. Locating the leak can be tricky, but watch for signs of leaks, such as moisture on walls, floors, or ceilings. Water damage to your paint, wallpaper, or carpets is a good sign that there is water in the walls, which may be coming from the next room, or the room above or below. This can help point you to the source of the leak. Check all exposed pipes for drips, and use small buckets to catch runoff if necessary. Since toilet leaks are common, perform a small test on each toilet in your home to rule them out as the source: 10 minutes after flushing, put some food colouring into the tank of your toilet. If the water in the toilet bowl is coloured after 30 minutes, there is a leak in your toilet. Run tests on your pool and hot tub, checking the volume of water over the course of 24 hours to check for unwanted drainage. Inspect the tiling and caulking around your tubs and showers, looking for cracks and mildew.

What if I can’t see a leak?

If the leak remains undetectable, it may be in a pipe that is buried in your walls or underground. The best way to identify this type of problem and fix is it by hiring a plumber. Waterman Inc. has the tools and experience necessary for locating the source of the leakage problem efficiently, which will resolve the issue of your unnecessarily high water bill, sooner rather than later.




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I called several plumbing/drain companies for an estimate to unclogg my bathtub drain and Jim was the most reasonable in price. I found Jim to be very punctual, quick and efficient. I also had Jim quote on two much larger drain jobs, he took the time to professionally explain the scope of work needed with diagrams and gave a fair price.

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The owner, Jim, was recommended to us by a friend who had a damaged (roots) sewer line, as we did, and used his services. We have nothing but good things to say about Jim and his crew. From the onset Jim was prompt, straight forward and very transparent about options.

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