The importance of 24/7 plumbing service in Markham?

Plumbing emergencies can occur at any time, not just daylight hours. What happens if your toilet starts to overflow at 3 AM? Or one of your water pipes bursts at midnight and starts flooding the yard? Not all plumbing problems are residential, either –some occur in shopping areas, large businesses, parks, etc, and can affect a larger area. It’s reasons such as these that give cause to plumbers in Markham such as Waterman to offer their services 24/7.

A plumbing emergency is essentially a situation that can cause significant damage in a short period of time and require immediate care of professionals.

Even if you take good care of your plumbing system, it may still be possible for an emergency to occur.  Bad weather can cause problems for your pipes – especially if they are old. Companies such as Waterman are equipped well enough to offer 24/7 services AND to handle any type of problem, no matter how large and complex.

Serious Plumbing Problems

There are quite a few serous plumbing issues that can occur without you even realizing it. By the time you do realize it, significant damage may already be occurring. It’s important to have reliable plumbers you can call during the day or night, since you will need these problems addressed as soon as you realize they are occurring. The more quickly they can be handled, the better.

A few examples of serious plumbing problems include:

Burst Pipe

A pipe can burst or leak for various reasons. A connection can even come undone. Since pipes are hidden between floors or within walls, the water could come down from the ceiling from beneath a bathroom, or down the wall beneath the leak. This can lead to extensive repairs; an entire room might even be ruined. This is why it’s so important to have access to 24/7 plumbing services: you will want the leak to stop immediately in order to prevent a large amount of structural damage.

Sewage Collapse

If there is a sewage backup in your area, it could work its way to your home. It might not even be your problem; it could be due to the negligence on the part of the city or one of your neighbors. Good plumbers with the best tools and equipment will be able to stop the problem quickly before it has a chance to do major damage.

Overflowing Toilet

Toilets can run continuously and overflow for a variety of reasons at any time of the day or night. This is one of the more common serious problems. If you don’t get a plumber immediately, you’re going to end up with a flooded bathroom, damages, and a huge water bill.

Tree Roots

Older trees are very beautiful additions to landscapes, but they can also be costly, as their roots can grow into pipes. Not only can they damage your own pipes, but they can lead to sanitary sewer problems for the entire community if left unfixed. Signs that tree roots are in your lateral include drains that flow too slowly and gurgling toilet bowl noises.

The moment you suspect that there might be some problems with tree roots, call your plumber so they can check it out and take care of the problem before it grows too large. When plumbers in Markham such as Waterman offer 24/7 services, it means that they can respond to and correct major problems ASAP.

What drain services can I expect a plumber to perform in the city of Markham?

Folks that own their own homes and properties for rental income in the city of Markham understand that routine maintenance and proper inspections will keep the unit performing at the optimal level. Homeowners can handle some of the physical checks and inspections to plumbing that is out in the open, but repairs deep in the drains and pipes behind the walls and under foundations will require a professional plumbing company like Waterman to come out for proper drain services. These professionals have hi-tech tools and equipment to go with their experience in hunting down cracks, clogs or blockages in almost any drain system. Read More >

What should I do if I need emergency plumbing services in Markham?

Discovering a leak or burst pipe in your home is never fun and should always be dealt with immediately. The best policy is to contact a plumber with a proven track record as soon as you can. Leaks do not just go away – waiting to make a repair will generally lead to more damage, some of which can have long lasting effects on your home. Professional plumbers like Waterman in the Markham area can step in quickly when you have an emergency and they can help you save carpet, drywall and furniture in many cases – so do not wait to call. Plumbing emergencies occur any time of day or night and it is imperative that you have a plumber to call that has service technicians that work 24/7. Read More >

Should I call Waterman if I discover my basement is wet?

Basements are common places to find water in your home because they are underground and have ideal conditions for the formation of condensation due to warmer air outside of your house.  This presents a lot of challenges for homeowners living in the Markham area because the close proximity to Lake Ontario creates lots of ground water due to precipitation, and also contrasting seasonal temperatures.  When and if you happen to find moisture or indicators that it is present like mildew or mold, it is best to contact a plumbing service like Waterman immediately.  Even if the basement is only showing a small amount of moisture, it is important to resolve the problem to prevent long term issues like foundation deterioration or black mold – the latter of which can pose a serious health hazard. Read More >

How can I prevent sewer backup problems in Markham?

Sewage is a hazardous material that should never be backing up into your home.  It represents a host of health concerns and can seriously impact your ability to live in the house.  When a sewage issue is discovered it should be handled immediately by a professional like Waterman or another trained plumbing expert in the city of Markham that can stop the backup and clean up the mess as quickly as possible.  Sewage is basically liquid garbage that includes excrement, waste water and just about anything you can think of that is flushed down your toilet or drains.  For this reason, it is not advisable for humans or pets to have exposure to sewage in any form. Read More >

Why do people hire basement lowering companies in Markham?

Basements are very common in Markham because of the hard soil composition and the close proximity to the larger metropolitan city of Toronto.  Homes are priced competitively and square footage is at a premium, especially as you get closer to Lake Ontario in the Greater Toronto Area.  For these reasons residents like to finish their basements to add square footage and make their homes more marketable in the event that they wish to sell.  Adding carpet, plumbing and additional walls or fixtures are all great ways to improve the layout of your basement, but sometimes people just want the feel of a normal room, and not the low ceilings of a basement that can be a bit cramped.  When that is the case, homeowners generally decide to lower the basement floor to add height to the space.  This is a job only for professional plumbers like Waterman that can excavate and underpin the new foundation floor in a methodical fashion that protects the upper floors of your home from shifting or losing stability. Read More >

What plumbing services are offered in the city of Markham?

Anyone who owns a home or rental property, will tell you that at some point you will be faced with maintenance issues of varying degrees of difficulty.  Depending on your level of mechanical aptitude, some will be within your scope and others will require bringing in a professional in the Markham area like Waterman.  Typical jobs that should not be overwhelming for the average homeowner might include painting, laying tile, simple wiring or very basic plumbing.  It should be noted that the homeowner should tread lightly with the latter category as the delicate touch of a master plumber cannot be easily duplicated.  To be honest, anything other than the most topical of plumbing matters should be handled by an experienced plumber to avoid additional damage or inferior repairs. Read More >

Is it a good idea to get a sump pump in the Markham area?

Homeowners in cities like Markham that are near areas of high precipitation or bodies of water, should consider getting sump pumps installed in their basement.   Basically anywhere that has a lot of groundwater can be a problem for basements because water in close proximity to the foundation walls and floors can cause those barriers to breakdown over time.  Allowing water to seep into your basement through cracks in walls and subflooring can make the basement soggy and uninhabitable due to mold and mildew conditions. Homes built without proper gutters or shrubs growing too close to the foundation can allow water to collect, which will also destroy the foundation over time.  It is always best to channel water away from your foundation and have a professional perform moisture inspections from time to time.  When these things do not keep all of the moisture at bay, it is time to consider a sump pump. Read More >




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I called several plumbing/drain companies for an estimate to unclogg my bathtub drain and Jim was the most reasonable in price. I found Jim to be very punctual, quick and efficient. I also had Jim quote on two much larger drain jobs, he took the time to professionally explain the scope of work needed with diagrams and gave a fair price.

Read More…

The owner, Jim, was recommended to us by a friend who had a damaged (roots) sewer line, as we did, and used his services. We have nothing but good things to say about Jim and his crew. From the onset Jim was prompt, straight forward and very transparent about options.

Read More…

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