If I have a sewer backup in Hamilton, should I call Waterman?

Toilet Overflowing Sewer Backup Hamilton

There should not be much debate about the answer to this question. Sewage is basically waste water, excrement and a mix of all liquid garbage that you flush or rinse down your toilets and drains. Sewage sounds terrible because it is. When you think about in those terms, it is not hard to see how serious it can be to have raw sewage backup into your home. Should you encounter a sewer backup, it is best to call a plumber in the Hamilton area like Waterman to resolve the issue promptly. A sewer backup has disgusting odors and exposure to this filth can cause health problems as well as severe damage to your home and furniture.

The cause of a sewer backups in Hamilton can vary, but the general answer is drain neglect that occurs due to a lack of regular cleaning and the ill-advised flushing of non-biodegradable products and oily or viscous fluids. These items are drain killers and can create a problem very quickly if not avoided. One major problem with sewer backups is that pinpointing the exact clog or reason for the overflow can be difficult, which is why you should not hesitate to call Waterman or any skilled plumber you have at your disposal to resolve the issue. They will typically bring in special equipment for inspecting your drains and pipes while the water is shutoff to avoid additional damage.

Experienced plumbers will also use camera work to determine the cause of the backup. They can find out if it something small is lodged in your pipe or something more sinister like a tree root has punctured your pipe. The latter problem can be a major headache that requires sectioning the pipe and could result in a major excavation just to get to the root. Cast iron pipes older than 30 years are also susceptible to collapsing over time. The pipe is weakened and can splinter or be crushed due to a number of factors. Higher water pressures can contribute to this effect and this failure will also result in a large excavation and pipe replacement. These repairs amount to big bucks and that isn’t even including any overflow cleanup that may be required.

Any number of these situations can cause a sewer backup and should you find something horrible bubbling in your sink, shower or toilet, it is best to call Waterman immediately. They are licensed and trained to handle these sorts or emergencies and can help you resolve the issue with the least amount of damage as possible. The hope is that Waterman can resolve the clog or back-up without a full-on septic tank replacement, but they are prepared to do that if necessary. In the event that it is required, the homeowner can expect a few days of digging, but luckily a licensed plumber like Waterman will have the contacts to make it go smoothly.

Overall, the main points to take away are that a small amount of regular maintenance will typically go a long way in preventing a sewer backup in your Hamilton home and should you have one, it is imperative that you contact a professional plumbing service immediately to resolve the problem.

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I called several plumbing/drain companies for an estimate to unclogg my bathtub drain and Jim was the most reasonable in price. I found Jim to be very punctual, quick and efficient. I also had Jim quote on two much larger drain jobs, he took the time to professionally explain the scope of work needed with diagrams and gave a fair price.

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The owner, Jim, was recommended to us by a friend who had a damaged (roots) sewer line, as we did, and used his services. We have nothing but good things to say about Jim and his crew. From the onset Jim was prompt, straight forward and very transparent about options.

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