Basement lowering toronto – a simple way to add space into any home.

Basement lowering torontoBasement lowering is the least expensive and cost effective way to add more space into your existing home. With all the extra space your basement can become anything from a family room, personal office, recreation room or even offer additional living space. Basement lowering is the best option for growing families that are in need of that extra room, without switching houses.

In some cases basement underpinning is done to help reinforce the foundation of your house rather then offer extra living space. When your house’s foundation suffers structural problems and cannot sufficiently support the house due to extreme climates, soil types, or inexperienced workers causing damage to the foundation; lowering your basement may be the solution. The process of lowering immediately stabilizes your home, strengthens the foundation and in turn the house.

The process used to lower basements always slightly varies depending on the house, location, basement size and permits; but it can generally be divided into a 10-step process.

The first process is to have experts come and plan out the entire job, once the plan is done they talk to the owners and make sure they understand the whole process and what is being done. Once everything is planned out and verified, the demolition crew comes in, and their first step is to remove the old floor and the concrete under it. After concrete is removed, excavation can begin. After the basement has been lowered, the concrete basement lowering and underpinning commences; underpinning ensures that the foundation is strong. If done properly it will increase your entire homes sturdiness.

Once all the rough work has been done, pipe and sewage installations begin. The backwater valve is installed and secured. The next step is perhaps the most time consuming, but its imperative to get done right. Waterproofing is installed to ensure the foundation is protected from any heavy rains and cold winters. Finally, the sump pump is installed and new concrete floor is poured in. The last step is cleaning up the basement and disposing of any debris.


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