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What tools does a plumber use to find moisture and leaks in my home?

Moisture is by far and away one of the biggest killer of home foundations and structures.  There is a large amount of humidity and condensation that is generated in the Toronto area during the warmer months and this can lead to hazardous health conditions by way of mold and mildew.  When this moisture is found, […]

I need gas pipes replaced under my home; can a plumber do that for me?

Many people enjoy using gas as opposed to only electricity to heat their homes, and some folks like to use a mix of the two.  Gas lines are typically made from cast iron, which is an excellent material for piping and in the Toronto area it holds up quite well for over 30 years.  However, […]

How do tree roots get into my water lines? How can this be fixed?

Large mature trees add shade, beauty and tree climbing memories to our yards, but their deep roots can cause extensive damage to underground pipes. Tree roots grow into water lines because it is natural for them to seek out a water source. Water lines not only provide water, but also nutrients and oxygen that are […]

My basement is wet. Does this mean I need a sump pump?

Depending on the reason that your basement is wet, a sump pump may be the answer but this won’t be known for sure until the cause of the dampness is investigated. The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation estimates that over fifty percent of Canadian homes have some degree of basement dampness. Left uncorrected, moisture can […]

Our bathtub is very slow to drain. What is the problem and how can we fix it?

Taking a shower in slow draining water can be an uncomfortable experience. The standing water somewhat defeats the purpose of taking a shower versus a bath and you’ll have to wash the suds off of your feet before you step out. Enjoying a nice bath can end up being a frustrating experience as well with […]

I’ve just had my drains cleaned. How can I keep them that way?

Keeping your drains cleaned is an important part of your home’s upkeep. Unless you’d rather pay someone else to clean up your drains on a regular basis, this is a job that’s up to you. If this regular maintenance isn’t done you could end up with major plumbing problems on your hands. There are a […]